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One Man's Odyssey - Private Cisilio R. Gonzales

October 31, 1943 - Camp Campbell, Kentucky

Change of Status Form
issued by the War Department was submitted by Pvt. Gonzales
   Three weeks earlier, Cisilio had been married to Rosa Juanita Romero in Clarksville, Tennessee.  This Change of Status was submitted by Cisilio to set up a monthly allotment to be sent to his new wife..

Change of Status, page 2
is a lengthy set of instructions for the reporting of Birth of Child; Death of Any Person Not in Military Service; Divorce of Former Wife; Marriage or Re-Marriage; Adoption of A Minor; Change of Name of a dependent or a soldier; [Addition of ] Dependency; or Change of Status.  Undoubtedly this form will be familiar to many 508ers.

March 11, 1943 - Camp Campbell, Kentucky

Temporary Pass
issued in 1944 at Ft. Campbell, KY permitted Pvt. Gonzales to have some personal freedom, between the sounding of Retreat and Reveille, and over weekends from noon on Saturday and 6 a.m. on Monday.
The nature of this pass implies that Cisilio and Rosa were living somewhere in the area of the post.

Personal Data
is detailed on the reverse side also carries a reminder to behave when off base. It also details a procedure that the pass can be picked up in the Company Orderly room after signing out in a register.  The pass was then surrendered for safekeeping when the soldier returned and signed in.

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