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One Man's Odyssey - Private Cisilio R. Gonzales

   The return of millions of WW-II veterans sparked enormous growth in two fashions.  First, the population spurt as they produced the generation that came to be  known as the "baby boomers".  Even more important was the economic growth with record numbers in new home starts and hard goods acquisition, especially automobiles.  The demands fostered dramatic increases in jobs and factory output that drove the economy for the remaining half of the century.

January 1946 - Fort Logan, Colorado

Separation Qualification
shows that Pfc. Gonzales spent 3 years and 22 days in the Army, almost equally split between training in the U.S. and in the ETO combat theatre.  The reverse side documents that he had a 4-week school in parachute training taken at Maxwell, England

Separation Qualification (reverse)
states that Cisilio had worked as a plumber's helper before the war..  Page 2 (at left) however, shows that he has wonderful new skills as a Demolition Specialist and "...cleared fields and buildings of mines and traps. Also (can) blow up bridges and other ground installations".

Honorable Discharge
issued at Ft. Logan, CO on Jan 8, 1946 made Cisilio an instant civilian.  This document was longed for and coveted by millions of men as they were finally able to set the war aside and stream back into civilian life.

Enlisted Record and Report of Separation, Honorable Discharge
shows 18 months and 25 days service in U.S. plus 17 months and 19 days overseas.

Cisilio's Biography

Cisilio Gonzales returned to civilian life after the war and took his place in the American workforce.  He passed away on January 14, 1983.  (Read Biography)

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