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Up Benning 2
This 25-page album of 8x10 prints is a rarity and may not have been acquired by too many personnel due to cost.  Almost all pages have been inscribed by Hank to detail what each photo is about.  Those inscriptions appear next to each print.

Col Lindquist, Tom Shanley
Mockup tower training, 2nd Bn, B Stage. Feb 16 1943

Capt Boekoff
leaps from the mockup tower 24 ft.
2nd Bn, B Stage, Feb 17, 1943

Riding Down The landing Trainer
2nd Bn, B Stage, Feb 17, 1943
Free Jump from The Tower
1st Bn, C Stage
Feb 24, 1943
Boekoff Again
Hq & Hq Co, B stage, Feb 19, 1943

Riding High
Chaplain Maternowski 3rd Bn, B Stage
Feb 25. 1943

Suspended Harness
where we learned to guide our chutes
1st Bn, B Stage, Feb 10, 1943

Landing On
A Rubber Mat
1st Bn, C Stage, Feb 18, 1943
The Ground Looks Like This From Aloft
2nd Bn, C Stage, Feb 25, 1943

[Note the shadows thrown by the standing men and the tower]
The "Free" Tower
1st Bn, C Stage, Feb 17, 1943

Just Cut Loose from The Free Tower
3rd Bn, Mar 3, 1943

The Shock Harness
He's 250 feet up but the harness drops him only 15 feet
2nd Bn, C Stage Feb 25, 1943

The Instructor Shouts Directions Through His Megaphone
3rd Bn, C Stage, Mar 3, 1943

Signaling The Planes
Jump Panels on Lawson Field
Mar 4, 1943

2nd Bn, D Stage
Mar 4, 1943

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