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Next-of-kin may request information on veterans who were Killed in Action, (KIA), and in many cases, can get a detailed file on the handling of the body from the time of death until burial in a U.S. Military cemetery and/or removal to the U.S., and in some cases, information on where the body was re-interred in the U.S.A.

This information is contained in an "Individual Deceased Personnel File  (I.D.P.F.), and may be obtained as follows:

   Write to the agency below, requesting the "IDPF". on: Veteran's full name; Army Serial #; Unit if known; date and place of death if known; and your relationship to the deceased veteran.

   The more details that are furnished, the quicker they can research this information and reply to you. Replies typically are made within 6-8 weeks of receiving this data.

              U.S. Army Human Resources Command
              ATTN:  AHRC-PAO (FOIA), Rm 7S65
              200 Stovall Street
              Alexandria, VA 22331-0400

For those who would like a copy of the IDPF for Soldiers that are listed as Missing, body not recovered, they should send their request to:

                        U.S. Army Human Resources Command
                        ATTN:  AHRC-PER, Rm 4S15
                        200 Stovall Street
                       Alexandria, VA 22331-0482

This is the office of Repatriation & Family Affairs Division, that deals with those service members missing from previous conflicts i.e., WW II, KOREA, Southeast Asia.   [Click Here for a link to their website that might be helpful:].


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