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A story that appeared in Issue 46 (October 1990) of the 508th newsletter deserves special recognition.  It involved what was at that time a first of a kind reunion; it may still be the only such reunion ever held.  The article is reprinted in it's entirety below.

Standing in the door of their Normandy plane left to right.  Top: Joe Morettini, and George Shenkle, Bottom:  Pilot Ed Yarborough and Crew Chief "Bing" Wood


The 1st Platoon of E Company was reunited with their Normandy C-47 and pilot on June 8, 9, & 10, 1990.  This was at the Dover Del. AFB Historical Center.  The C-47 was just restored and was the special feature of the reunion.  The 61st Troop Carrier Squadron has had other reunions but this was the first time research was done to bring together air crew, plane, and paratroopers.

   We were contacted by W.C. “Bud” Dutton, a member of the 82nd A/B Division Association and an ex D/307th Prchut. Engr., 82nd A/B Div.  His Platoon worked with the 508th in the Bulge.  I referred him, with a roster, to Fred Infanger, the E. Co, Rep. Fred and he contacted E. Co. and nearby 508ers. 

These people attended the event:  Jack & Shirley Plotts and daughter Janice, E; Dave Nagle E; George Shenkle, E; Joe Morettini, E; Fred Infanger, E; Abe Oybkahn, D; and Gary Wilkinson, Hq 1st.

These people were treated royally.  For Morettini and Shenkle, who jumped from this plane into Normandy, it was a very moving experience. The Director of the Center hopes to make reunions of this type an annual event.

Loading Manifest:  1st LT. Eugene Hetland, Pfc. William Strieter, Pfc. George Shenkle, Pfc. Gerald Adams, Pvt. Morris Boyer, Pvt. Robert Gass, Pfc. Howard Hughes, Sgt. Roger Cavalluzzo, Pvt. Douglas Crutcher, Pvt. Charles Swan, Pvt. Harold Moore, Pfc. Herman Todd, Pvt. Trion Maldonado, Pvt. Joseph Morettini, Pvt. Robert Elbert, T/S O’Dell Cannon, Sgt. Carlos Ashley, Sgt. Theodore Belliveau, S/Sgt. Arnold Lundquist, Pvt. David Akers

   Rack No. 1 – 2 AT/RLS. AMMO
   Rack No. 2 – 60 MM MORTAR
   Rack No. 3 - 60 MM AMMO
   Rack No. 4 – Demolitions