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V-Mail Letter Brings News That Sergeant Evans Is Alive
(unknown newspaper)

   It was just a V-mail letter ---short and brief as V-mails usually are but it told Mrs. J. B. Evans, of1709 Walton Way, that her son, Sergeant William is alive and in an English hospital.
   Mrs. Evans received a telegram from the War Department informing her that her young son, a paratrooper, was missing in action September 19.  As far as she knew he had landed in Holland, then silence --- until yesterday.
   This is the second time young Sergeant Evans has been in an English hospital.  he holds a Purple Heart from wounds received in the D-Day jump on French soil. As he said in his letter ---
   ":Eight days in France, three days in Holland, and I'm in the hospital."
   Not long ago, Larry Palmer a member of the same paratroop unit, and a buddy of Sergeant Evans wrote his mother recently, saying they were all together except "Billy."  At first reading, Mrs. Palmer did not see the phrase "except Billy", and there was pre-mature rejoicing.
   But everything is all right now.

   The V-mail letter was in his own handwriting---a little shaky, per-haps, his mother said, but it looks like all the rest.
   Sergeant Evans is one of the three boys who divided a dollar bill amongst them to use as a nucleus for a business after the war. Larry Palmer holds one piece. and a Tennessee lad the other.
   In the hospital Sergeant Evans is worried about his two friends. He wrote his mother.
   "if anything happens to them, and me not there, I don't know what I would do.  I love them like brothers."
   Sergeant Evans, a member of one of the most rugged outfits in the army, had infantile paralysis when he was two years old.  His mother said it was a particularly virulent form, but it has successfully overcome all ill effects.
   He was educated at Academy of Richmond County, and enlisted in the army 30 months ago.  HE has been overseas about 14 months, landing first in England.  Another brother, Private Charles Eugene Evans, has been all the way through the Italian campaign thus far.

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