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June 5, 1944 Operation Neptune
Company A
C-53 Aircraft 42-68694 - Chalk 14
1/Lt Combs, Rex G Co A Worth, MO Died 1982
Pfc Mullen, John J Co A Clarksburg, W. Va. (Died 1981?)
Pvt Barrette, A. V. [Anthony V., Jr.] Co A Stoughton, Mass Died 1972
Pvt Hopkins, R. W. ]Randall] Co A Lily, Ky. KIA 6 Jun 44
Pvt Beaver, B. G. [Billie] Medic Graybull, Wyo. Died 1979
Pvt McMillan, E. A. [Eugene] Co A Beaverdam, Wis. Died 2008
Pvt Montoya, M. C. [Margarito] Co A Riverside, Calif. Died 1993
Pvt Richards, R. L. [Robert] Co A Crossville, Penn. Died 1998
Pvt Newell, James M. Hq/2 Grand Rapids, Mich. Died 1990
Pfc Fields, Eugene (nmi) Co A Alexandria, Ind. Died 1979
Pvt Basile, S. J, [Seraphim] Co A Milwaukee, Wis. KIA 23 Jun 44
Pvt Johnston, Donald [M] Co A Needham, Mass Died 2012
Cpl Jackson, James [James E.] Co B Pittsburg, Pa. Died 1985
Sgt Van Enwyck, S. [Sherman C.] Co A Ontario, N. Y. Died 1969
SSgt Jahnigan, H. [Herman] Co A Versailles, Ind. Died 2005
T/5 Brickley, J. [John E.] Co A Merchantville, N. J. Died 1990

Lt Rex Combs
documented the four flight crew (names with asterisk) members as well as his complete sixteen man stick as they left for Normandy.
of each member of his stick was also record by Rex.  an unusual detail for posterity.
After Action Summary
details aircraft type, tail number and crew names.  Box entitled "Unusual Occurrences" states:  "Hit by flak after dropping paratroopers at the DZ & with engine on fire ditched in English Channel.  After 3 hours in life rafts A British torpedo boat rescue entire crew & returned them unharmed to England."

(All images courtesy of the Combs collection)



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