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April 5, 1944

Dear Folks,
   Please don't expect too much in my letter tonight as I am just about dead.  It's been about five days since I last had a chance to write + I've received several letters since then so I guess I had better get busy.
   I received the box of candy + it really came in handy.  I haven't received the socks yet but they will probably come in, in the next day or so.
   Y'all mentioned something of the pretty Irish girls; well, I've seen twice as much many here in England.  There's about four girls her for every boy.
   I haven't hear from Virgil in several days but he writes [quite] often when he does hit a spree Continued

Continued from last letter

Here'd hoping that these two letters arrive together.

   Anita's practically quit writing me.  I sure miss her letters [too].  She probably thinks that I [regret?] writing her but I don't have the chance to write that I once had.  I will write her tonight before I close turn in.
   There's no news so I'll close.  Keep writing + I will do the same as often as possible. 


Nottingham, England was home to the 508th not only as they prepared for the D-Day invasion but also as a Rest and Relaxation (R & R) point when they were taken off the line and rebuilt the regiment strength.
   During those days the men were permitted the much deserved R& R but not to the expense of keeping the unit fit.  There were still the drills and calisthenics to be endured.  Other forms of training were applied to assimilate the new replacement troops into the company units as well.
   But, most of all, there was the free time to be spent in the English towns and countryside.
Short Guide To Great Britain
produced by the War and Navy Departments contained a few "Does and Don'ts" for the G.I.'s as they prepared for getting a pass into town..
Royal Oak Landlord
Jim Lacey and his wife were featured in the Nottingham Evening Post on 16 Jan 2006.  It sounds as though many Red Devils will remember the Laceys, especially since he seems to have been very generous in serving the American G.I.'s that entered his pub.

"Dry Run?"
   It wasn't unusual for those retuning to the park to grab a local bus ... but probably not quite like this.
(With permission of the artist, Kate Salley Palmer)

Ye Olde Salutation Inn, a photo from the Barger Album.  The inn, reputed to be haunted, is one of the oldest in England.  360 Degree Views - Interior & Exterior Devastated Door
The site of this photo is unknown but hopefully that isn't the door to the Hand and Heart hanging off it's hinges.
Army Hit Kit
was a list, and probably the lyrics, to all the tunes that were on the current hit parade as well as some "oldies but goodies".

Proof Positive
that this was truly "Robin Hood Country" was readily found with this statue in downtown Nottingham ner the castle.

Telephone Kiosk
were a familiar sight in the area.  Whether calling the local lassie or the folks in Tallahassee, these public phones were readily available for use