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The handwritten copy of this letter from Coy Lee Moore was tattered and an aunt typed it out before the original disintegrated.  It was that version that was published in a local newspaper

April 24, 1945

April the 23 being my birthday, I received a birthday card from you, also one from Grandma Hussell, a letter from Grandma Moore and Aunt Jewell.

Mother, I will write you a letter, if I can - will only do my best. It is much easier to tell about it, when I have to. I don’t like to write about my self and what I have done. I can only feel that God is guiding and protecting me.

If it wasn't for God and His protection, I wouldn't be here now to write you.

I don't believe there is ever a boy that goes into • the plane - especially in combat - that isn't saying a prayer.

      And the same way just before we go into an attack. It makes you feel alot better and gives you more courage to say a few words to the Lord.

I have made eight jumps with one Combat jump. The Combat jump was the easiest one I made. I didn't have any idea what it was like on the ground with enemy all around me, but it was a job that had to be done. I felt I was doing it for my Lord, as well as my Country - and helping my Buddies. I felt the Lord was with me and that He lead me, and that whatever happened would be the way God saw best.

While I was standing there waiting for the signal to jump, I said a prayer, asking God to lead me the way he saw best.

      I was the second man to jump from my plane. When the Lt. in front yelled, "Let's go!!, all my fears and ’’funny feelings” seemed to leave me and we were gone.

Trusting the Lord in a way is like trusting a parachute. If you don't give them a chance, they won't help you. You jump and trust the 'chute to bring you safely to the ground. But, if you don't trust the 'chute enough to jump, it won't help you. If you don't trust the Lord , He won't save - but if you trust Him, He will save you.

The Lord has brought me through this far, and I trust and pray he is still by my side, and those who trust Him Always.

Well, when I started writing this I didn't think I could, but it seems the more I write the more I want to write.

If the people at home could see and realize what the boys over here have seen and are still seeing and going through with, I believe they would have better and more Christian Homes to come back to.

Tell all the friends Hello for me. I am still waiting and praying for the time to come when I and all the other boys can come home to stay*

Your Son,

Love Coy Lee




 “508th Parachute infantry
           (Somewhere in France)

“Elizabethton Star

“Dear Editor:

"I want to take this opportunity to express my sincerest gratitude to you and your very fine newspaper. I’ve received almost every issue all the way thru the United Kingdom and the Hell of Normandy and Holland.  And I want to say its been a wonderful experience.  I look forward eagerly for every issue.  The “Star" has become a habit I never want to break.
“You see, to me, it’s been more than just an ordinary newspaper. It has been that certain something that a man needs sometimes to know that everything is well, “it has been that “pot "pot gold” at the end of the rainbow.
   There are the [illegible] "Stars" are things the enemy just can
’t see and that explains a lot of things! To me you’re that dependable beacon in the blackest of nights. Keep that light burning...

James W Smith

[Elizabethton Star, Elizabethton, TN, 02 Dec 1944, Sat, Page 2]


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