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Looking Cocky
[l-r] Sgt Howard, Paul Richardson and Bob Kennington

[l-r] Sgt Howard and Bob Read
both were Pathfinders

[l-r] Maurice Jones and Bob Read

[l-r] Bob Read and Lon Rickets
men in background are unidentified
Getting It Right
Gail Townsend adjusts neck scarf of Sgt Beardsley.  Two locals seem ready to watch the guard mount formation
Hitting Their Stride
[l-r] Dick Albertson and Sgt Beardsley sport both winter and summer uniforms
Getting It Up
[l-r] Claude Palmer, Sgt Beardsley, Mone, Ralph, Baloey and Darrell Apple used long poles to extend reach in hanging commo wire in trees, on houses, etc
Neil Wolf
(on left according to Darrell's careful photo annotation) makes a new friend in a Belgian potato field

Neil Wolf and Other Friends
"kids always welcomed us for the gum and candy we carried in the "blouse" of our pant leg tucked intro our boots", wrote Darrell.  Location unknown.
Maj Royal R Taylor
as part of the Honor Guard in Frankfurt

New Aircraft
a C-82 makes its début for the 508th at Wiesbaden, 1 Aug 46. See related photos
(courtesy Rex Combs collection)

(above photos courtesy Darrell Apple)
[l-r] Lt Robert N. Havens, Lt. Gerald P. Guillot, Lt Carl A. Smith
sporting Army Air Corps flight jackets.  They were not Airborne issue but were highly prized.
(courtesy of Carl Smith Collection)
Maj Royal R Taylor
in a relaxed pose.
   One of his many decorations not worn here is the French Croix de Guerre with Silver Star
(courtesy of Carl Smith collection)

Hq 1st Huddle
[rear, l-r] Crawford, Purdie, unknown, Palmer
[front] Merritt, unknown, Barrett.
Note: courtesy of Rock Merritt who identified others, except Palmer, only by surname.
Full names expanded by Jumpmaster are:
[rear] Robert L. Crawford, Leo B. Purdin ("Purdie" was probably a nickname), Lawrence E. Palmer
Kenneth "Rock" Merritt, Barrett (two possible matches of Richard P. or William C.),

Gimme A Jeep
1st Sgt Richard V. Slagle stands at the regimental motor pool

Gotta Jeep
Pfc Kennedy Litton may have worked in the 508th Motor Pool

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