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F Company Scenes courtesy of Sgt Bob Broderick

Sgt Bob Broderick
[Robert J. Broderick]
wrote on the back "F Company, occupying E Company's former position.  Vox Hill behind me. Woods and our former position of the hill would be to the right, out of the picture.
   Incidentally, a few days after Polette left to take command of E Company he came riding down the hill behind me bareback on a German artillery horse.  Some shells were falling in the vicinity that he of course ignored.  I don't recall what it was he came down for, but when we told him he was crazy, he just grinned and said he was "lonesome" for F company ..."

Fox Hill
(14 Jan 1945) aerial shot reveals the hulks of numerous gliders still littering the landscape.
[courtesy of "Em"]


Sgt Bill Snapp
[William L Snapp]
and his MG 43

Cpl Swartzendruber
(Donald L. Swartzendruber)
seriously wounded on night of Oct 1st.  Don' think too many of these trees were left standing - the tops anyway.

E Company's Former Position
below Vox Hill now occupied by F Co

Right Flank of F Company
in line below Vox Hill

British Artillery Observers
on Vox Hill.  [I] believe one was killed, other wound night of October 1st.
[Note the high-powered scope on the stand at left]
All comments are those penned by Bob Broderick on the reverse side of each photo.  Notations appearing in [brackets] are those added by Jumpmaster

Commanding View
of Wylerburg area from Fox Hill

John Foley
remembered by someone with his name carved into a tree limb

Wylerburg Region
as it appeared on 27 February 2016
All photos at left are courtesy of Paul Klinkenberg
Co÷rdinator Werkgroep Archeologie van WOII]