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 "The Earth is 78% water... the rest is just a drop zone!!!" (author unknown)
20 Oct 1942 Camp Blanding Florida Unit Activation
Feb - Mar 1943 Fort Benning Georgia Parachute School
Apr - Aug 1943 Camp Mackall North Carolina Advanced Training
21 - 28 May 1943 Camp Croft,
Cheraw, SC
South Carolina Maneuvers
7 Sep 1943 -
23 Oct 1943
Lebanon and
Tennessee 2nd Army Maneuvers
19 Dec 1943 Camp Shanks New York Port of Embarkation
28 Dec 1943 Port of N.Y. City New York Set sail on USAT James Parker
8 Jan 1944 Belfast Ireland Disembarkation Disembark
Jan - Mar 1944 Cromore Estate Northern Ireland Advanced Training
10 Mar 1944 Port Stewart Northern Ireland Train to Belfast
11 Mar 1944 Belfast Northern Ireland Ferry to Glasgow
13 Mar 1944 Glasgow Scotland Train to Nottingham
Mar - Jun 1944 Nottingham England Base Camp, Practice jumps
Jun - Jul 1944 Normandy France Combat
Jul - Sep 1944 Nottingham England Base Camp, Training, R & R
Sep - Nov 1944 Nijmegen Holland Combat
Nov- Dec 1944 Sissonne France Base Camp, R & R
Dec 44 - Jan 45 Ardennes-Alsace Belgium Combat
Jan 10-21 1945 Chevron Belgium Combat
March - April 1945 Sissonne France Strategic Reserve
April -May 1945 Chartres Airport VE Day European Hostilities Ended
Jun - Dec 1945 Frankfurt Germany Eisenhower's Honor Guard
1 Jan 1946 Sissonne France Awaiting Shipment home
9 Nov 1946 New York Harbor New York 508th returns to home soil
24 Nov 1946 Camp Kilmer New Jersey 508th deactivated
16 Apr 1951 Fort Bragg North Carolina 508th Airborne Infantry Regiment (AIR) activated
Aug 1951 Fort Bragg North Carolina 508th Airborne Regimental Combat Team (ARCT) formed
Dec 1951 Fort Rucker Alabama Aggressor force in war exercise against 47 ID
8 Apr 1952 Fort Hood Texas Exercise Long Horn
1952-53 Fort Benning Georgia Training, Infantry School support
15 Feb 1954 Fort Campbell Kentucky Attached to 11th Airborne Division
July 1954 Camp Chickamauga Beppu, Japan Operation Gyroscope, replaced 187th ARCT
Feb 1956 Bangkok Thailand Operation Firm Link, joint SEATO Exercise
July 1956 Camp Chickamauga Beppu, Japan 508th ARCT returns to U.S.
27 Mar 1957 Fort Campbell Kentucky 508th ARCT deactivated
1964 Fort Bragg   1st Battalion reformed and reactivated.
9 April 1965 Vieques Island Puerto Rico Operation Quick Kick VII
20 April 1965 Santo Domingo Dominican Republic Operation Power Pack
15 Feb 1968 Republic of Vietnam Vietnam Operation Yorktown Victor and others
3 Mar 1971 Republic of South Korea Korea Operation Freedom Vault
Feb-Aug 1983 Sinai Peninsular Egypt 2/508 in Multinational Peacekeeping Force
25 Oct 1983   Grenada Operation Urgent Fury
11 Nov 1983 Fort Bragg North Carolina. Returned to base camp
Jan 1985   Sinai Desert Deployed with a multi-national observer force for a six month period
Jul 1985 Fort Bragg North Carolina Battalion inactivated and relieved from assignment to the 82nd Airborne Division
10 Jul 1987 Fort Bragg North Carolina 187th Infantry became the 1-508th Infantry
20 Dec 1989 Panama Republic of Panama Operation Just Cause
15 Oct 1994 Fort Kobbe Panama Red Devils inactivated
27 Apr 1996 Vicenza Italy Reactivated as the 1-508th Airborne Battalion Combat Team.
1999 Kosovo Bosnia Bosnia Jump and show of force
12 Jun 2000 Vicenza Italy Became a part of the Sky Soldier team as the 173rd Airborne Brigade was reactivated.
26 Mar 2003 Bashur DZ Northern Iraq Operation Iraqi Freedom.
19 Oct 2004 Camp Blanding Florida 508th Association (WW-II) Retired
2005-2006 Paktikia Province Afghanistan 1st Bn. A Co and C Co, (173rd Airborne Brigade), Joint Task Force Devil
2005-2006 Kandahar Afghanistan 1st Bn. B Co, (173rd Airborne Brigade), Joint Task Force Bayonet
20 Oct 2006 Boston Massachusetts Family & Friends of 508th PIR Association incorporated
26 May 2006 Fort Bragg North Carolina 1-508 and 2-508 PIR reassigned as a part of the 4th Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division
Jan 2007 Pakitika Province Afghanistan Operation Enduring Freedom.
Apr 2008 Fort Bragg North Carolina 4th BCT returned from Afghanistan
Apr 2012 Afghanistan Afghanistan Change of Command ceremony
May 2014 Fort Bragg North Carolina Inactivation ceremony

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