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Tablets of the Missing, Margraten, The Netherlands

Pfc. Alfonso was awarded the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart.   He was listed as Missing In Action on September 18, 1945

a native of Cuba, he enlisted at New York City, NY on 17 Jan 1941.  As a parachutist volunteer he was assigned to Company B, 508th PIR at Camp Blanding, FL.  on 14 Jan 1944 he was appointed the grade of Private First Class.

Jafet jumped with the regiment on D-Day and survived 33 days of combat before the unit as relieved and returned to Nottingham.

He made his second combat jump on 17 September 1944 during Operation Market Garden in the area of Nijmegen, Holland.  On 2 October 1944 he was reported as killed in action on 20 September 1944.  His status was later revised to Missing in Action rather than Killed In Action.  The date remained unchanged,

Pfc Alfonso was awarded the Bronze Star Medal but the citation has yet to be found.  He also was awarded the Purple Heart, Posthumously..

Henk Bredewolt.of Roosendahl, The Netherlands was awarded this certificate of adoption for Pfc Alfonso's memorial.