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One Man's Odyssey - Private Cisilio R. Gonzales

January 10 1945 - Frankfurt Germany

Letter To Mom
Cisilio posted this V-Mail letter to his mother in Los Angeles, CA on January 10, 1945 from APO 230.  Presumably that APO served the troops in the Ardennes..

  2nd Lt. Fred Schindler, acting as censor, approved the letter content.

Original Text
began with a salutation in English, "My Dearest Mother" but the remainder was written in their native Spanish. (The family has provided a translation, please see below)
 Mrs. Maria Gonzales January 10,1945

My Dear Mother,

He with pencil in hand with deep felt greeting to all in general and anxious for you to write me. Hoping everyone is in good health, thanks to God.

Well, Maria its been about two week since I send the pay register, did you receive the money for the government? Because its very important.

So did you receive the money or not. If not tell me, because it's very important if I lose my life.

Well, here its been a little cold and cloudy. But I'm doing well. I don't have that cough any more. Can you tell me why Jose (Josefma, his sister) has not written, it been a year !

Well, that all for now. I'll be thinking of you, well wish's to everyone in general and Rose my wife wrote me.

Write soon. As favor to me take of your self, your son.
Cisilio Gonzales

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