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Bulge Relics Museum
was slated to open the next day but we got a VIP tour, and were first to see the interior

Bulge Relics Museum
is housed in a restored stone barn

Tank Relic
armor plate from tank destroyed near Sarts

Long Gun
you don't want to be down range of this one

recovered in local fields and barns during past 30 years

Flight Suit
from B-17 "Duffy's Tavern" that crashed near Courtil. Whether it belonged to the Pilot or the Radio Operator is unknown

Beho and St Vith
hang a left!

Storm Trooper
with Schmeisser MP-40 9mm Submachine Gun

453rd AA CP
in disarray, multiple U.S. Army artifacts are scattered about

Video Station
enables viewing of recovery sites
Ernie, Dick and Pat
signed the back of a drawing made by a famous local artist that represents the attack in the snow of the Thier du Mont in January 1945 by paratroopers of the 508

Group shot
O'Donnell, Lamson and Luther with museum founder Jean-François Noirhomme

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