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DESCRIPTION: A silver and enamel badge 1 inch in height and 3 inches in width, consisting of an infantry musket on a light blue bar with a silver border, on and over an elliptical oak wreath. Stars are added at the top of the wreath to indicate subsequent awards; one star for the second award, two stars for the third award and three stars for the fourth award.

AWARD ELIGIBILITY: Awarded to personnel in the grade of Colonel or below with an infantry or special forces military occupational specialty who have satisfactorily performed duty while assigned as a member of an infantry/special forces unit, brigade or smaller size, during any period subsequent to 6 December 1941 when the unit was engaged in active ground combat. The policy was expanded to permit award to Command Sergeants Major of infantry battalions or brigades, effective 1 December 1967. Specific criteria for each conflict was also established. Only one award is authorized for service in Vietnam, Laos, the Dominican Republic, Korea (subsequent to 4 January 1969), El Salvador, Grenada, Panama, the Southwest Asia and Somalia, regardless of whether an individual has served in one or more of these areas. The complete criteria for each area and inclusive dates are listed in Army Regulation 600-8-22.  Source: U.S. Army Human Resources Command

NOTE:  All men who earned the CIB during the war were also awarded the Bronze Star Medal through legislation after the war had ended.

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