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CO, 314th TC Gp. :
6 June 1944.     :
:INIT: ________________   :




1.   314th Troop Carrier Group.

2.    62nd Troop Carrier Squadron.

3.    "Bigot-Neptune" - Para drop 18 A/C (ll C-47A - 7 C-53D).

4.   2321 hours 5 June 1944 to 0450 hours 6 June 1944.

5.    Saltby - Atlanta - Burbank - Cleveland - Dallas - Elko - Flatbush -Gallup - Hoboken - Peoria - DZ - Paducah - Spokane - Gallup - and reciprecal [sic] to Saltby.   Exactly as briefed.

6.    10-20 miles visibility at take-off; winds as briefed; scattered clouds on route thickening Elko - Hoboken; Peoria overcast top 1500 feet extend­ing 2 minutes on course; on descent for DZ broke out at 900 - 600 feet.

7.    None.

8.   Light inaccurate (i.d., eneffective [sic]) moderate flak encountered on course 2 minutes after Peoria until coast after DZ.   No intense concentrations observed except a five-gun position two miles before DZ about one mile north; other fire scattered in same area.   Heavy intense flak observed north of course close to Cherbourg and south of course, distance unknown but out of range.

9.          None.

 10.    Large numbers of ships encountered between Flatbush and Gallup on out­ward course;   large numbers in Paducah-Spokane-Gallup area on return. 2 A/C which unavoidably flew directly over ships fired colors of the day.

11.   None.

12.           Time 0203 - 0206; altitude 700 - 800 feet indicated; airspeed 105 - 110 mph.

13.    None.

14.   Navigator in Group lead ship, reported that Eureka at Hoboken was slightly out of position.   Eureka at DZ "N" jammed; none of the radar ships were able to pick it up. 
Group lead ship dropped On "Gee".   "Tee" was not lighted when lead ship arrived; last 3 ships in formation observed both brown and green Tees and dropped on latter. All other radar and visual checks operated perfectly. No transmissions were heard. Constant interference on 5005, KC.


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