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Key Objective
Not only was the
bridge vital to Allied plans, there was a gas storage nearby.  The tanks supporting girders can be seen in the top center.  The artillery crew seem to be British based on helmets worn.

The Honinghutje Bridge
in Nijmegen although blown in May 1940 by Dutch engineers, was rebuilt by Dutch and German crews shortly thereafter.
 (courtesy Jan Bos)
HoninghutjeTriple Span
consisted of a road bridge and two railroad bridges It appeared on American maps as Bridge #10. and was a primary target for both the 508th and 504th Parachute Infantry Regiments.
 (courtesy Jan Bos)

Mission Accomplished
The bridges were damaged in the American attack and heavy tanks could not use it
 (courtesy Jan Bos)

Replacement Built
years later t
he damaged Honinghutje bridge was replaced by a modern span
 (courtesy Jan Bos)

Nijmegen Railroad Bridge
September 1944
(courtesy Rex Combs collection)

Nijmegen Bridge
was a key objective for the 508th in September 1944.  The bridge was considered modern as it had been constructed just ten years earlier.  Today the bridge is much the same as it was then ... except no one is shooting at the vehicles.

James H. Weinerth
Hq 1st at the Nijmegen Bridge. Photo is undated but may have been taken when men of the regiment returned to pay respects for fallen comrades in September 1945

(courtesy Rex Combs collection)

Unidentified Trooper
poses with Nijmegen citizens after a lull in the fighting

After The Shooting
Pvt Richard Thomas relaxes on Drop Zone T

Before ...
Sgt Robert Speers
leans on camouflage netting as his mortar crew of "Schultz" and Hal Murdock prepare to lob a round down range

After ...
1/Lt Robert Speers
revisits the site on Vox Hill where, as a Sgt, he had commanded a Mortar Squad.
  Bob states that this is the position where Wolosechek was wounded and evacuated and where Laky was killed.
   He also recalls finding a remnant of a parachute in one of the old foxholes that day and says he believes the area is a golf course today..
(courtesy of Irv Shanley)


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