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The 313th Troop Carrier Group, 9th Air Force flew the 508th 1st and 3rd Battalions into Normandy. Each Serial consisted of Six V's (Flights) of aircraft, three to a 'V' for the assault flight.  Designation - Drop Zone 'N' near Etienville and Beauzeville la Bastille.  The Green Light time was 0230.  Similar serials of aircraft flew the 3rd Battalion from this same airfield that night while the 2nd Battalion departed from Saltby Airfield. (Click on highlighted Jumpmaster names to view full jump rosters, when known)

Legend: P-Pilot, CP-Co-Pilot, N-Navigator, RO-Radio Operator, C    C-Crew Chief, RT-Radar Technician, J-Jumpmaster
First Battalion Serial
Flight 1 Chalk #1  C-47  #43-30648
19 Paratroopers

P    Col Roberts, James J..
CP  L/Col Lumsden, Frank J
N    2/Lt Sussmer, William V
RO SSgt Lynas, Burl L.
RT Sgt Greenstein (NMI) Seymour
CC TSgt Walsh, Walter P.
J - Capt Ruddy, Gerard A.
Chalk #2  C-47  #43-15191
18 Paratroopers

P   Capt Cardwell, Jack L.
CP 1/Lt Field, George G.
N   1/Lt Paulsel, Donald Q.
RO Sgt Magruder, William L.
RT Sgt Decker, Paul F.
CC T/Sgt Rehse, Alvin E.
J - 1/Lt Napierkowski, Edward A.
Chalk #3  C-47  #42-56999
19 Paratroopers
P   1/Lt Robinson, Kermit R.
CP 2/Lt Chiles, Eugene D., Jr.
RO SSgt Brody, Albert H.
CC Sgt Olson, Clarence L.
J - 1/Lt Abbott, Edgar R.

* aircraft ditched in English Channel on June 7th resupply mission due to severe flak damage

  Chalk  #4  C-47  #42-92880*
18 Paratroopers

P   2/Lt Cochran, Charles L.
CP 2/Lt Russell, John R.
N   2/Lt Pully, William R.
RO Sgt Doyle, Philip (NMI)
RT  Pfc Armstrong, Ralph B, Jr.
CC TSgt Graham, Edward B.
J - Capt Dietrich, James D.
Chalk #5  C-53  #42-68758*
18 Paratroopers
P   1/Lt Burton, Leonard, III
CP 2/Lt Cognetta, Victor A.
RO Sgt Dworin, Hyman
CC TSgt Munger, Robert E.
J - 1/Lt Russell, James F.
Chalk #6  C-53  #42-68700*
19 Paratroopers

P   2/Lt Kleinke, Robert L.
CP 2/Lt Roy, Lucien M.
RO Sgt Sherman, Frederick (NMI)
CC SSgt Sharrett, Roy L.
J - Lt Guillot, Gerald P.
  Chalk #7  C-47  #43-15637
18 Paratroopers

P   1/Lt Wilson, Claude J.
CP 2/Lt Reed, Evert B.
N 2/Lt John E. Begley
RO SSgt Jennings, Daniel M.
CC SSgt Love, Arthur A.
J - Sgt Pateracki, Raymond

* aircraft shot down on June 7th re-supply mission due to severe flak damage and crashed on DZ

Chalk #8  C-53  #42-68698
17 Paratroopers

P   1/Lt Willis, Samuel M., Jr
CP 2/Lt Bullock, Warren L.
RO SSgt Taylor, Kingdom (NMI)
CC SSgt Harrison, George T.
J - 2/Lt Meadows, Benjamin F.
Chalk #9  C-53  #42-68702
17 Paratroopers
P   1/Lt Wiltse, Dan G.
CP 2/Lt Tyner, Robert R.
N   1/Lt George W. Jenkins
RO Cpl Schatz, James F.
CC SSgt Watson, Charles W.
J - Sgt Henry, David A.
Flight 2 Chalk #10  C-47  #43-15082*
17 Paratroopers

P   Capt Blickensderfer, Robert W.
CP 2/Lt Harwell, Jess A., Jr.
N   1/Lt Peterfreund, Sheldon P.
RO Sgt Howcroft, Harold T.
RT Cpl Battestella, Anthony L.
CC TSgt Vandermeer, George W,
Chalk #11  C-47  #43-15506
18 Paratroopers
P   1/Lt Fisher, Alfred K.
CP 2/Lt Kerr, Robert L.
N   2/Lt Jones, Robert S.
RO Cpl Catlin, James O.
CC SSgt Arbaugh, Richard P.
Chalk #12  C-53  #42-68705
17 Paratroopers
P   1/Lt Jackson, Robert L.
CP 2/Lt Schroyer, Robert J.
RO TSgt Koford, Leo J.
CC SSgt Wollach, David S.
  Chalk #13  C-47  #43-15048
16 Paratroopers
P   1/Lt Clampitt, William A.
CP 2/Lt Geckler, Ralph C. W.
N   1/Lt Pollitt, Paul C.
RO Sgt Hahn, Harold A.
RT Cpl Blain, Earl W.
CC SSgt Innarone, Ralph A.

* aircraft crashed and exploded near Oxford, England on June 7th killing entire crew (all different men except Sgt Hahn)
Chalk #14  C-53  #42-68694**
16 Paratroopers
P   1/Lt Burelbach, Marlin L.
CP 2/Lt Goerner, Crockette P,
RO Pfc Warren, John E., Jr.
CC SSgt Roth, Marvin H.
J    1/Lt Rex G. Combs
Chalk #15  C-53  #42-68701
16 Paratroopers

P   2/Lt Baldwin, Norman A., Jr.
CP 2/Lt Whiteside, Gilbert A.
RO Cpl Russo, Vincent (NMI)
CC Sgt Joda, Frank J.
  Chalk #16 C47  #42-92868 ***
16 Paratroopers

P   1/Lt Roycraft, William R. (KIA)
CP 1/Lt Shipley, Robert F. (KIA)
N   2/Lt Romney, Walter R. (MIA)
RO Sgt Geyser, Roy W. (MIA)
CC TSgt Schumacher, Martin R. (KIA)
J - 1/Lt George D. Lamm (Co A)
Chalk #17 C47  #42-92064*
16 Paratroopers
P   1/Lt Gibala, Edmond J.
CP 1/Lt Ehrreich, George H.
RO Sgt Kiphart, George K.
CC TSgt Meiseter, Charles M.
Chalk #18  C-53  #42-68695
15 Paratroopers

P   1/Lt Krouse, Frederick T.
VP 2/Lt Stafford, Louis E., Jr
RO Sgt Sharp, Henry J.
CC Sgt Thomas, Robert P.

Legend *- aircraft lightly damaged by flak and/or small arms fire   ** - ditched in English channel, crew survived     *** - crashed, Sainte Mere Eglise

Above details extracted from 313th TCG D-Day Manifests