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FabuzRaymond SPfc Co FNY 6 Jun 1944 FrancePurple Heart Saint Michaels Cemetery   Niagara County, NY
FarmerWilliam HSgt Co HVA 8 Jul 1944 FrancePurple HeartC117Normandy
FateleyGlenn APvt Co IWA 16 Jun 1944 FrancePurple Heart Omak Memorial Cemetery  Omak, WA
FecteauRoland W Sgt Co BMA 20 Sep 1944 HollandSoldier's Medal, Purple HeartB4331Ardennes
FieldEdward KPvt Co ANY 7 Jun 1944 FrancePurple HeartG2015Normandy
Finnicum John Otis SSgt   OH June 3, 1966 Vietnam Silver Star, Purple Heart Clinton Cemetery   Clinton, NC
FirestineWalterCpl Co APA 31 Dec 1944 BelgiumSilver Star,
Purple Heart
FisherClyde EPvt Hq HqNC 1 Oct 1944 HollandPurple Heart Silver Creek Cemetery  Morganton, Burke County, NC
Fitts Krystal M Spc 4th BCT TX 17 Jul 2012 Afghanistan Bronze Star,
Purple Heart
Cook-Walden Capital Parks Cemetery and Mausoleum Austin, TX
FlandersFrancis ECapt Co FMA 7 Jun 1944 FrancePurple HeartArlington National CemeterySection 34, Grave 2807Arlington,  VA
FochtEdward JPfc Co APA 6 Jun 1944 FrancePurple HeartC2720Normandy
Fontana Edoardo F SSgt 501st NY 20 Dec 1944 BelgiumPurple Heart E 9 25 Luxembourg
FosterEmmanuel MT/4 Co CME 20 Sep 1944 HollandPurple HeartBingham Village Cemetery Bingham, ME
FosterKenneth DPvt Co CCA 2 Jul 1944 FrancePurple HeartE1332Normandy
FoxRichard HPvt Co IMI 7 Jan 1945 BelgiumPurple Heart
with OLC
Foxx Dillon B Sgt 4 BCTMI 5 Feb 2010 AfghanistanPurple Heart Cremated n/a
Frazier Daniel A Sgt 4 BCTMI Nov 19, 2009 Afghanistan Bronze Star
Purple Heart
Arlington National Cemetery Section 60, 8859 Arlington,  VA
Frazer Ronald L 1/Lt Co C IN May 24, 1968 Vietnam Silver Star
Purple Heart
United States Military Academy Post Cemetery   West Point
Orange, NY
Freeman Daniel Jason Spc 1st BnOH 6 Apr 2005 Afghanistan Accidental   Cleveland, OH
FroehleBernard JPfc Co DOH 27 Dec 1944 BelgiumPurple Heart Calvary Cemetery Kettering, OH

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